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    2. Hello, welcome to the official website of Guangzhou Fuqi Food Machinery Co., Ltd!

      Food machinery   Fuqi Zhizao

      Focus on catering equipment • Snack equipment 13 years

      24-hour hotline:13632316710

      They chose Fuqi





      Fuqi food machinery product exhibition

      Guangzhou Fuqi -- pursuing quality and focusing on quality

      About Fuqi food

      Guangzhou Fuqi Food Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in Guangzhou in 2006. Specializing in the production and sales of kitchenware, western kitchen equipment, western fast food equipment, snack equipment, food machinery and other equipment. It is applicable to Western food, fast food, bars, supermarkets, snacks and related catering equipment used by government organizations and troops. It has more than 200 varieties and specifications....【more

      Six advantages of choosing Fuqi food machinery

      Excellent quality
      A national brand in China's western kitchen industry. Guangzhou Fuqi Food Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Guangzhou, the capital of western kitchen in China. It is an enterprise focusing on R & D and manufacturing of western kitchen.
      Professional focus
      Brand direct selling - self produced and self sold. Because of focus, we are professional and pursue excellence. We are leading the way, believe in the power of the brand and win the trust of more customers.
      From the initial material selection to each stage of the production process, high quality standards are followed. Each machine passes 100% inspection before leaving the factory to ensure consistent high quality.
      cost performance
      High cost performance, eliminating intermediate links, 100% commitment and 50% discount over physical stores for the same quality.
      free after sales
      More after-sales security - a professional after-sales service team can save you worry and effort and help your business even more.
      Widely used
      Meet multi-dimensional needs. Whether you are a new entrepreneur or a five-star chef, there is always one for you!
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